I always felt that golf coaching videos were either on YouTube, in which case, had very low production value and no coherent structure/programme. Or, they were made by Tour pro's and celebrity coaches which doesn't always produce the best content for learning.

The GOLF COACH apps were my first venture into creating structured learning content with really high production quality. I have learned a lot along the way and the apps have topped the App Store charts around the would, won design awards and been featured by numerous media outlets. 

For customer support on the apps, please see the support link at bottom of the page.


"The aim is always to present a coherent library of fundamental concepts and shots required for the user to be equipped to practise in a productive manner and not waste endless hours chasing down rabbit holes".

All the content from the apps is now inside the channel, GOLF COACH ACCESS, plus a great deal more. 

Get the Complete Learning Experience on the Channel

In GOLF COACH ACCESS, I am really excited to have the opportunity to develop on some of those fundamental ideas and create an expansive and compelling learning channel.


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