"Because movement patterns are first created in the mind"

                                             DR NOEL ROUSSEAU

Individual Programme

Before embarking on any technique change it is important that both coach and player are clear on the end goal and the process involved. Through the assessment structure you will gain clarity on your current movement patterns and a development plan will be designed to suit your commitment and goals.

  • 45 Minute Assessment: £25
  • 90 Minute 3D Assessment and Coaching Session: £100
  • 45 Minute Session: £80
  • 2 Hour Session: £150
  • Half Day (4 Hours) £300


There is no extra charge for GC2 or 3D technology.
Sorry, no packages are available.



Performance Psychology Programme

Performance psychology is a widely diverse field that covers numerous areas relating to performance. As with the physical game, there is rarely a ‘quick fix’ but a meaningful process of:

Education – Commitment – Exposure - Review


Dr. Noel Rousseau has tailored a programme that draws on strong influences from the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) approach; meshed with his own research and coaching experience. The result is a highly golf specific mental game programme. 


The intention to pay attention to the present moment and in our context, task relevant stimuli. This is a central challenge in a game full of distraction in the ever-changing environment


The process by which one learns to notice and accept a variety of thoughts and emotions as part of a naturally occurring phenomena that are not necessary to control.


To consistently act in a manner that serves your values and goals

Working With The Yips

The yips is a specialist area that Noel has worked in for over two decades. It also has very close ties with Noel's research. As such, Noel  has teamed up with Gordon Morrison to help coaches around the world effectively manage the interplay between mind and movement.

“If you struggle with the YIPS then please get in touch. This is a specialist area that can reap very quick results.”

 Dr. Noel Rousseau


The Launch Monitor and 3D Motion Tracking System combine to provide often invaluable data on the player's movement and club delivery. It is important to note that data of this level often leads to very simple and accurate coaching sessions.

Tracking the Ball

GC2 Launch Monitor uses sterioscopic cameras to take high speed photos at impact of up to 10,000 frames per second. This provides my students and I valuable data with which to base our coaching decisions. 

Tracking the Club

HMT (Head Measurement Technology) combines with the GC2 to precisely capture club head data such as path, face angle, dynamic loft, club head speed, lie angle and more.


Tracking the Player

3D Motion Capture is at the very forefront of sports science and coaching technology. The system gives the player and coach access to a whole new level of insight into how the player is moving. 

We are now able to quantify previously unseen data such as kinematics, stability and entire hand and club arc.


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