The Gym Session for Your Golf

Do you want to see steady and ongoing improvement in your golf? Purposeful PracticeTM is about establishing fundamental techniques and continuously refining your skills to be effective in all areas of the game.

"Technique and Skill are not the same thing".
Purposeful PracticeTM is designed by Dr. Noel Rousseau to fill the chasm left by traditional approaches to golf coaching which is the ongoing skill acquisition. 
The PP concept is of structured group practice with Noel giving technical feedback, setting skill challenges and creating game simulations to maximise your practice time.

You will work on key aspects of technique and the fundamental sub-skills necessary to play the game well. Skills such as club face control, dynamic stability, impact dynamics, kinematic sequencing and that's just the long game. 

Core principles of motor learning and mindfulness of task are harnessed to ensure that you develop a deep and robust control of the skills and can apply them on the course.

Long Term Weekly Structured Practise

Fundamental Drills - Constant Feedback - Measured Skills Challenges

"The sessions have allowed me to combine focused practice of my own development areas under the watchful eye of a pro, providing feedback and "tweaks" as I practice. My game and confidence has really improved as a result of these courses."

Esther Morley
Oakland Park G.C Hcp 12

"My chipping and putting have improved incredibly. The weekly coaching by Noel is brilliantly delivered, enforces new skills, makes practice purposeful and fun and embeds the new skills into my game."

Klaus Allion
Chorleywood G.C Hcp 13

"Purposeful Practice sessions have provided an understanding of the theory behind what we are meant to be doing and how to execute various shots, so that I’m now practicing the right way of doing things rather than continuing my old bad habits."

Alan Cornwell
Beaconsfield G.C Hcp 16

"I can honestly say that in every single Purposeful Practice session I have learnt something new. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to improve their golf."

Paul DeNeys
Wycombe Heights G.C Hcp 26

"The Purposeful Practice classes have enabled me to meet a circle of players of a similar standard to myself who have become my regular playing partners."

Allen Manning
Wycombe Heights G.C Hcp 24

"The combination of group-wide coaching and competitive challenges paired with individual guidance has proved to be an engaging way of developing core-principles. "

Tom Osbourne
Hcp 14

Frequently Asked Questions

You progress is measured through engaging skills challenges that will be repeated periodically so that you can chart your progress.

There is something wonderfully motivating about training in a group of like minded golfers committed to improvement; at what ever level that may be.This, after all, is the basis behind a gym class.

As long as you want to keep improving. There is no improvement without time and commitment so although the courses currently run in 20 week blocks (with flexible booking, you can have the odd week off), they will run back to back throughout the year.

This is not suitable for beginners but beyond that, anyone committed to improving their game and supporting others in the same quest. Typically, a group is made up of a mix from 6 to 28 handicap. A handicap is not a necessity but attitude effort and reflection are.

There are group times on the following days. Once booked in a golfer would typically stick to that time, although the odd switch around is totally fine


Tuesdays 17:45

Tuesdays 19:00

Thursdays 13:00

Thursdays 20:00

Saturdays 11:00

The courses are booked in 20 week blocks but I appreciate that you may not be able to commit to all the sessions. Course payment is taken at the start of your participation but  the flexible booking scheme allows you to pay for only the sessions that you can make.

20 Sessions = £250

18 Sessions = £235

16 Sessions = £215

14 Sessions = £195

12 Sessions = £175


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